Magical Moment at Tenterden and District Museum

  Today, Rose Burgess was presented with her Bronze Award and Certificate in the Wheels of Time Scheme at the Tenterden and District Museum. It was a delightful occasion. Rose was very enthusiastic about the Scheme and talked about the sites that she had visited. Maidstone Museum was a particular favourite! (She also liked the... Continue Reading →

First World War Autograph Books

The Tenterden and District Museum has two autograph books written during the First World War. One of the books was kept at the Temperance Hotel in Tenterden, which was used by soldiers convalescing from their injuries, and the other at the VAD Hospital based in the Village Hall, Rolvenden. The books are on display in... Continue Reading →

Mystery Object

  Ken Williams recently visited the Museum. He  noticed a wooden measure in the Surveyor’s cabinet upstairs and told us he thought he had a similar one at home with descriptions of bushels or something on it. We thought this strange because bushels are a measure of volume (not length).  When he got home, he sent me... Continue Reading →

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