The I.S.D.T. is a true test of rider’s ability, stamina, and mechanical knowledge; it also enabled manufacturers to improve their products for durability and reliability. In 1897 the Automobile Club of Great Britain and Ireland was founded and organised an “Emancipation Run” of vehicles to Brighton. By 1900 the event developed to become the... Continue Reading →


The Norman Connection

During the 1950’s, the Norman Cycle and Motorcycle factory in Beaver Road Ashford employed many people from the Tenterden area. Production at its highest level would see 5000 cycles, 600 mopeds, and 120 motorcycles a week leave the production line. Engines used in the motorcycles and mopeds included Villiers, British Anzanis and Sachs, ranging from... Continue Reading →

Major Donald Geoffrey Ralph Freeman

  The First Club President Major Donald Geoffrey Ralph Freeman was the first president of the newly formed Tenterden and District Motorcycle and Light Car Club in 1947. Known mainly by his second Christian name, Geoffrey, he was born in 1901 in Stoke Newington. By the 1920s he was employed in the family firm of J... Continue Reading →

Motorcycle Sport – a brief history

Early designs of motorcycles utilised engines often produced in France or Germany. They were installed in little more than English produced cycle (pushbike) chassis with only rudimentary brakes and single gears. The machines enabled the public to travel to and from work and seek out new leisure activities. With this came a feeling of freedom... Continue Reading →


The engine of choice used by many Tenterden and District MCC members in Grass track racing solo machines during the first twenty years from the Club’s formation was the world famous J.A.P. These were produced by J.A.Prestwich & Co Ltd from a factory located in Tottenham, North London from 1902 to 1963. The JAP engine... Continue Reading →

Tenterden and District Motor Cycle Club

The Formation of Tenterden Motor Cycle Club In the early summer of 1946, I was having a quiet pint in “Ye Olde Cellars”, Tenterden in company with other members of the British Legion. We were discussing the forthcoming Legion’s Gala to be held on August Bank Holiday Monday and one of the members suggested that... Continue Reading →

Thomson’s 1917 Almanac and Directory

There is much to surprise and interest in the pages of the Almanac. The advertisements are particularly intriguing and I will post more of these on Twitter and Facebook as they show how advertising has developed. The names and the goods, as well as the window dressing, give insight into the owner's pride in this... Continue Reading →

Magical Moment at Tenterden and District Museum

  Today, Rose Burgess was presented with her Bronze Award and Certificate in the Wheels of Time Scheme at the Tenterden and District Museum. It was a delightful occasion. Rose was very enthusiastic about the Scheme and talked about the sites that she had visited. Maidstone Museum was a particular favourite! (She also liked the... Continue Reading →

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