Dementia Awareness Training

It is the time of year for forget-me-nots. They are the most beautiful flowers and there are many stories that are linked to their naming. They also symbolise faithful love and memories. This beautiful little flower with its mouse like petals has been adopted by the Alzheimer's society as their logo and now, to show that... Continue Reading →


Tenterden’s First Moon Launch

GEORGE (SPIDER) BURNISTON 1927-2017 A keen and popular member of the Tenterden Motorcycle club in the 50’s and 60’s, George had been nicknamed Spider from childhood. His early crawling method of getting about on the coarse coconut matting in the family home by only putting his finger tips and toes in contact with the matting... Continue Reading →

The Spring Offensive

Jim Ferrier was in the Canadian Black Watch and fought in the same battles as men from Tenterden and District. He sent quite detailed letters home to his brother, a policeman, from ‘Somewhere in France’ about his experiences. We do have access to some information about local men and the engagements that they were involved... Continue Reading →

Twentieth Century Exhibition Room

The Museum is planning a new exhibition room for 2019. The focus is to be the Twentieth Century. The Committee is hoping that the community will help us add to the archives and knowledge of Tenterden and District. Because the anniversary of the Representation of the People Act of 1918 is this month, the focus... Continue Reading →

The Tenterden Tapestry

This is a copy of what I have just posted on Facebook as some people who follow the Blog may not follow us on Facebook. This week, on the social media sites, the focus is on the Tapestry. It seemed opportune to foreground this beautiful contribution to our Museum whilst there is so much conversation... Continue Reading →

Bill Ivy

The following article is one that you can find in the Tenterden and District Motorcyle Club's Exhibition at the Museum. The late club president Ned Noakes at his agricultural engineering business in Ulcombe employed a welder by the name of Ivy, the father of Bill Ivy, later to become the 1967 world 125cc Champion Road Racer.... Continue Reading →

The Norman Connection

During the 1950’s, the Norman Cycle and Motorcycle factory in Beaver Road Ashford employed many people from the Tenterden area. Production at its highest level would see 5000 cycles, 600 mopeds, and 120 motorcycles a week leave the production line. Engines used in the motorcycles and mopeds included Villiers, British Anzanis and Sachs, ranging from... Continue Reading →

Major Donald Geoffrey Ralph Freeman

  The First Club President Major Donald Geoffrey Ralph Freeman was the first president of the newly formed Tenterden and District Motorcycle and Light Car Club in 1947. Known mainly by his second Christian name, Geoffrey, he was born in 1901 in Stoke Newington. By the 1920s he was employed in the family firm of J... Continue Reading →

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